Three Benefits of Roof Coatings

Roof Coatings

Roof Coatings Can Do Wonders for a Huge Variety of Roofing Materials.

Roof coatings can do wonders for a compromised roof. When a roof has suffered damage from the weather or old age, it can sometimes seem as if replacement becomes the only option. In reality, a roof coating can also get the job done. If you choose this option, it will even extend the overall life of the roof. To consider whether a roof coating is right for you, keep the following benefits in mind.

Lower Bills

Roof coatings can lower both your roof temperature and the internal temperature of your structure. This happens due to the reflective nature of most roof coatings. Instead of absorption, the roof will reflect harmful UV radiation. A cooler structure means your A/C has an easier job and uses less energy.

Avoid Replacement

A roof replacement can represent a costly, time-consuming process. In certain cases, a roof coating can replace this need. Instead of an expensive replacement roof, you can elect for a more economical roof coating to add years to the life of your roof.

Extended Life

In line with this previous point, a roof coating can add years to the life of your roof. Small leaks and other damage will effectively get repaired. New features such as higher reflectivity prevent against sun damage, while the complete coverage of a coating can effectively waterproof a roof.

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