Roof Damage Insurance Claims

If your roof has sustained damage from a recent storm, talk to Big Al's Roofing about help with your insurance claims. Not only can we get your roof repaired after a hail storm, we will make the claims process hassle-free. Call us at 305-900-8297 for help with roofing insurance claims in Miami, FL.

Tips for Filing an Insurance Claim

Insurance Claims Form

Filling Out Paperwork is a Pain, so Let Us Help with Roof Insurance Claims

Storm damage can range from small issues to severe problems with your roof and home. Thankfully, most homeowners have insurance policies that cover damages caused by events beyond their control, such as fire, hail, and hurricanes. However, getting your insurance company to cover your damage can be a complicated and lengthy process. If you have an active roof leak or a tree has fallen into your dining room, insurance is the last thing you want to deal with. This is why the team a Big Al's Roofing helps you handle roofing insurance claims.

Some tips to make the process go smoothly are to document evidence and be prepared. If you recently had your roof worked on, you should have a report of its condition. Taking photos is always helpful, and even more so if you have before and after shots. Our professional roofers will provide you with a full assessment that can be used in your claim. Though you can’t prepare for every disaster, it’s helpful to be as prepared as possible.

Let Us Help Make it Easy

Whether you have major or minor damage, our roofers work hard to help you get what you deserve. Not every roof repair company will help you with this process, and we are happy to provide this service. We know that dealing with roof repair can be a hassle, so we do our best to expedite the process so you and your family can stay safe under a reliable roof. If your roof has suffered from hail damage or another problem, give the crew at Big Al's Roofing a call at 305-900-8297 for help with roofing insurance in Miami, FL. We can help explain the process and answer all your questions to give you peace of mind.