Hail Damage Repair

From inside your house, it often sounds like hail is going to come through the roof. Hail storms can leave behind serious damage on your roof, and even minor problems should be repaired to prevent more extensive damage down the road. If your roof has hail damage in Miami, FL, call the team at Big Al's Roofing for fast, thorough storm damage roof repair at 305-900-8297.

Signs of Hail Damage on Your Roof

Palms Blowing in the Wind

Storms in Florida can Bring High, Damaging Winds that can Wreak Havoc on Your Roof

On shingle roofs, hail damage often appears as a random pattern of damage. Depending on the size, wind speed, type and condition of your shingles, it can leave behind small dents or even large holes. If it is a hail hit, you will often see a shiny or bald looking spot where the asphalt granules have been knocked away. You might find piles of these granules in your gutters, a sure sign of hail or roof decay. In either case, you should consult a roofer about the condition of your roof and prepare for replacement.

While tile and metal roofs can also sustain hail damage, it is less common as these materials are highly durable and have an excellent impact resistance. Flat roofs will also show signs of hail damage. If you have a modified bitumen or asphalt covered flat roof, the damage will resemble the signs on a shingle roof. If you have a membrane roof, look for tears, damaged seams, dents, and other issues. If you need to remove piles of hail from your roof, be careful to not damage the roofing material beneath.

The Importance of Hail Damage Roof Repair

If you notice any of the signs mentioned above, contact Big Al's Roofing for a professional assessment. Our experienced roofing contractors can determine if your roof needs repair or not, and we will look for any unseen leaks or problem areas before disaster strikes. Many homeowners who neglect to inspect their roof after a severe hail storm discover more severe issues down the road. To prevent extensive roof damage and unexpected leaks, call 305-900-8297 for hail damage roof repair in Miami, FL. We will even help with your roof insurance claims!