Concrete Roof Tiles

If you want the look and benefits of a tile roof but want to save some money, a concrete tile roof might be right for you. Big Al's Roofing is your top choice for quality installation service for concrete roof tiles in Miami, FL! Call us today at 305-900-8297 to learn more about our tile roofing services.

Benefits of Concrete Roofing

Roofers Repairing Tile Roof

Concrete Tile is More Affordable than Imported Clay Tile but has Many of the Same Benefits

Concrete tile shares many similarities with ceramic or clay tile, though it has a shorter lifespan of about 50 years. This is still a long lasting and highly durable material, with excellent weather and impact resistance. You can count on a concrete tile roof to keep your home safe during hail, wind, and rain. Concrete tiles are naturally heavy, which withstands high winds well, and makes installation easier than clay tile.

Other advantages include concrete tile’s energy efficient and eco-friendly properties. Like ceramic or clay tile, concrete is made from natural materials and does not clog up landfills like discarded asphalt shingles. It also helps reflect heat from the sun, keeping the temperature of your roof and home lower. In a sunny state like Florida, this can lead to significant energy savings over the years!

Concrete tile is low maintenance, requiring occasional maintenance or cleaning but repairs are rare. As long as your roof is installed properly, you can count on decades of stylish protection. Another advantage is the wide selection of concrete tile colors and styles available. You can choose from flat or ornately curved tiles in gray, green, red, sand, and many other colors. Call our roofers today to set up your installation service for concrete roof tiles in Miami, FL.

Precise Concrete Roof Tiles Installation and Repair

To ensure the quality and longevity of your residential roof, choose the team at Big Al's Roofing for your concrete tile roof in Miami, FL. We provide both repair and replacement, and always use high-quality materials and proper installation methods. We believe in Roofing for the People, so you can count on courteous, professional premium roofing service and honest prices for all of our work. Our roofers work efficiently to get your roof in top shape so it can protect you and your family. Call Big Al's Roofing at 305-900-8297 for concrete tile roof repair in Miami, FL today!