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Clay Roof Tiles

To Get Clay Roof Tiles for Your Miami, FL Home, Call Big Al’s Roofing Today!

Are you looking to improve the property value of your home with a strong and dependable premium roof? Clay roof tiles are a roofing material that has been utilized for centuries due to its long-lasting style and durability. If you want to find out how clay roof tiles in Miami, FL can improve the curb appeal as well as the defense of your home, contact our team today at 305-900-8297. We’ve been helping this community with reliable tile roofs for years, and we can assist you through each step of the way!

Benefits of Clay Roof Tiles

Though installing clay roof tiles can be quite expensive, many homeowners continue to get them thanks to the wide range of benefits they offer. To start, clay tile roofs are particularly resistant to fire, as well as wind, hail, and even mold! They are also made from natural materials that are sustainable, which is why clay tile is an exceptional green roofing choice. It isn’t uncommon to see a clay tile roof endure for 80 years, and because of that, manufacturers are often glad to offer warranties for 50 years or more. An investment in a clay tile roof installation can even increase your property value as well as curb appeal. Put simply, a clay tile roof not only looks great, but it also provides you with extra value to your home, unbeatable protection from roof damages, and a lifespan of close to 100 years. Call us to set up an appointment to install clay roof tiles for your Miami, FL home.

Ordering Clay Roof Tiles

If you are convinced that a clay tile roof is a right choice for your property, give our team a call at 305-900-8297 to begin! There is a reason clay tile roof systems have been utilized for hundreds of years, from the long-lasting beauty to the unbeatable protection. Our roof experts are very experienced with all types of residential roofing, including clay roof tiles in Miami, FL, so we can provide you with a durable and well-done installation whenever you’re ready. Request to see our variety of styles and colors to determine the ideal tile for your roof.