Ceramic Roof Tiles Service

Is your perfect residential roofing not only resilient but also stylish and a boost to your house’s property value? In this instance, a ceramic tile roof may deliver the perfect solution for you as well as your home. Regardless of what style you are searching for, ceramic roof tiles are made in many colors and shapes, all of which provide exceptional protection. Contact 305-900-8297 to ask one of our roof contractors how your home can benefit from ceramic roof tiles in Miami, FL or the nearby areas. As experts in this industry, we can help with nearly any type of tile roof installation, and we have plenty of experience.

Are Clay And Ceramic Roof Tiles The Same Material?

Ceramic Roof Tiles

There Are Clear Differences Between Clay and Ceramic Roof Tiles.

Generally speaking, most roof contractors tend to use the terms clay tiles as well as ceramic tiles almost interchangeably, but there are some real if subtle discrepancies. As an example, brittle ceramic is slightly less resilient than clay, though you can still rely on nearly every roof tile to defend your house from fire and hail. However, due to the way the ceramic roof tile is crafted, it’s available in a much more extensive range of colors and styles. Ceramic tile roof installations also demand a bit more maintenance through the years, especially if you choose one of the glossier styles, which will have to be washed yearly in order to remain shiny and bright. All in all, both options are very similar, aside from those minor differences, and you can depend on both for exceptional longevity as well as protection. Call us today to set up an appointment to install ceramic roof tiles for your Miami, FL home.

Ceramic Roof Tiles Installation Services

Tile roofs have been one of the more popular premium roof materials for years, all across the globe. The hefty upfront price can be overwhelming for some customers, but in the end, the significant value they deliver promptly pays for itself. It is common for ceramic tile roof installations to work for over 80 years in prime conditions, and the materials are so reliable, the manufacturers often provide extended warranties. Ceramic roof tile materials are resistant to fire, mold, and additional damages from the elements, which indicates your home stays as safe as it is beautiful! If you would like to improve your home’s property value with a top quality ceramic roof tile installation in Miami, FL, call Big Al's Roofing now at 305-900-8297 to begin!