Professional Synthetic Slate Roofing

Is your family searching for an improved residential roof material that will supply your home with long-term protection? One of the greatest choices for your home just might be synthetic slate shingles. These provide you with the identical look of beautiful natural slate, but also provide you with additional money-saving perks. If you are curious about synthetic slate roofing in Miami, FL and you would like to learn more, give us a call at 305-900-8297! We have years of expertise providing this community with reliable premium roofing solutions, and we are glad to help you discover your perfect roof today.

What Are The Perks Of Synthetic Slate Roofing?

In terms of roof materials, slate roofing is rated very highly, as it provides the home with classic beauty and impressive resiliency. As with everything, it can have some drawbacks, and regardless of the 150-year lifespan you can expect, the cost and supply are definitely hard to overcome. Don’t panic, however, since synthetic slate shingles have the answers to these problems, and provide other benefits too!

Synthetic Slate Roofing

Instead of Traditional Slate Roofing, Have Synthetic Slate Roofing Installed! It’s a Fraction of the Cost But Looks the Exact Same!

In regards to the hefty price of natural slate, a synthetic slate roof option costs half as much, while still providing the top of the line fire protection you can count on from any Class A rated material. It even weighs a small fraction of what authentic slate weighs, but gives you serious impact resistance for around five decades. And one of the greatest parts is that only true roofing experts will be able to determine that your home’s roof isn’t authentic slate. Contact the roof experts at Big Al's Roofing to request your synthetic slate roofing in Miami, FL, now!

Get Your Synthetic Slate Roof Now

An additional thing to remember is that your synthetic slate roof can improve the property value of your home, as well as significantly add to the house’s curb appeal. Synthetic slate shingles last two times as long as traditional asphalt shingle roofs, and are better at resisting fire and hail. By lasting longer than other roofs, this synthetic shingle material is able to produce less waste, making it a green roof option. Call us at 305-900-8297 to ask for an estimate for synthetic slate roofing for your Miami, FL home! Let us use our years of experience to provide your house with your perfect roof.