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Synthetic Shingles

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When browsing for roof materials, you might feel overwhelmed from the sheer range of choices. At Big Al's Roofing, we will always be clear about our roofing process and always make an effort to keep people informed about the best options for their residences. The availability of synthetic shingle roofing has revolutionized the roofing industry. If you want a roof that has luxury charm at an affordable price, then synthetic roof shingles should do well.

At Big Al's Roofing, we provide unparalleled work for homes within our local area. If someone goes with synthetic shingles, our team realizes every hope with a masterful install. When one thinks about residential roofs, long-lasting durability relies a lot on the manner in which they became installed. With our team, you never need feel anxious that a shoddy installation has lowered the durability of your investment. To learn more in regards to our work with synthetic shingles in Miami, FL, give us a shout today at 305-900-8297.

The Advantages of Synthetic Shingles

The Advantages of Synthetic Shingles

There Are Many Advantages to Having Synthetic Shingles Are Your Residential Roofing Option.

Wood, slate, and tile materials all can be sufficiently copied through synthetic shingles. Some expensive roof materials can actually compare unfavorably to synthetic shingles in regards to price and sturdiness. Synthetic shingles also offer a bunch of endurance when confronted with the harmful weather, another benefit that can save residence owners from preventable repair costs. Even more, advantages exist for synthetic shingle roofing, reasons that will possibly prove convincing for hesitant property owners.

  • Style and Appearance: Synthetic shingle roofing becomes nearly indistinguishable from their more costly alternatives when installing as a roofing solution. To further make your roof stand out, you can pick from an array of styles and designs, such as rounded, chiseled-tip, or the usual squared-cut shingle.
  • Lightweight: Tile and slate shingles require special support for selected roofs, while other homes just can’t employ them. Synthetic shingles leave no weight worries for a home. Roofers can furthermore do a speedy job with the lightweight material.
  • Durability: This roofing material will last down through the decades, thanks to their manufacture from slate and steel, along with rubber.

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Your Synthetic Shingle Selections

  • Synthetic Slate Roof Pricey slate and stone roofing materials offer a nearly flawless substitute in synthetics. Aside from the almost identical appearance, synthetic shingles are much lighter.
  • Synthetic Tile Roof Any residential structure can acquire some flair from our synthetic tile shingles. Impacts will also present a reduced danger for breakage with synthetics.
  • Synthetic Wood Roof Though visually lovely, wooden shingles demand a good amount of upkeep. Synthetic shingles supply all the benefits of wood, without the disadvantages.

We are ready at your beck and call at 305-900-8297 to answer questions or begin a synthetic roofing project. If you are interested in synthetic shingles for your Miami, FL home, you can rely on Big Al's Roofing‘s expert premium roofing service.