Benefits of a Tile Roof

Looking for a new roof? If you’re looking for something stylish and durable, consider the benefits of a tile roof! While they cost more than composition shingles, their long lifespan and energy efficiency help you save money over the years. Here are just a few benefits of a tile roof:

Highly Durable and Long Lasting

Tile Roof Replacement

The Unbeatable Benefits of a Tile Roof far Outweigh the Initial Cost

Besides slate, tile roofing has the longest lifespan out of any other material. Clay tile can last 100 years or longer, and concrete tile can last 50+ years on average. This truly makes your tile roof an investment, as well as an added value if you ever decide to sell your home. The reason for its long lifespan is one of the greatest benefits of a tile roof: its high durability. When properly installed, tile can withstand hail, fire, earthquakes, high winds, and other elements. You can rest assured that your tile roof has been tested to pass strict wind requirements for the sake of hurricane force winds.

Energy Efficiency

Another major advantage tile has over shingle roofing is its energy efficiency. Your tile roof creates a natural airflow beneath your roof which helps keep your home insulated. Along with tile’s natural reflectivity, this helps keep your home cooler in the summer, saving you on costly energy bills. Since home heating and cooling costs make up a majority of many homeowners’ home expenses, this can be a huge savings for some.

Aesthetic Beauty

There’s no question about it; tile roofs give unparalleled style to any home. Plus, there are a variety of tile shapes and colors to choose from. Do you like the classic Spanish red barrel tile? Looking for a low-profile, dark colored tile? The options are endless! There are also multiple types of tile, including clay and concrete.

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