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Big Al’s Roofing is Proud to Provide Professional Residential Roof Replacement and Repair to Miami, FL and Nearby

Do you need shingle roof replacement in Miami, FL? Looking for a professional skilled in flat roof repair for your home? Big Al's Roofing is proud to offer comprehensive residential roofing services near you! Whether you need hail damage repair or a fast leak repair, our roofers are here for you. With extensive experience with a variety of roofing materials, we can get your roof back in shape in no time. Give us a call today at 305-900-8297!

Your roof protects your home and your family from the elements, a constant threat in Florida. From sweltering heat and frequent rain to damaging hurricanes, weather is constantly beating against your roof. If not properly maintained, your roof could fail prematurely. To prevent costly and unexpected repairs, it’s wise to conduct regular inspections, especially after severe weather. If you need roof repair after a storm, call us quickly to prevent further damage!

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At Big Al's Roofing, you can always count on courteous, professional service and honest work. Our motto is Roofing for the People, so if you have questions about our services or work, don’t hesitate to ask. Call our roofing contractors today at 305-900-8297 for more information about roof repair and roof replacement in Miami, FL.


Residential Roofing Services

Roofer Repairs Roof

We Provide Thorough Roof Repair and Roof Replacement as well as Storm Damage Repair

Looking for a trusted, local roofer for roof replacement in Miami, FL? Or do you need someone who can fix a roof leak quickly? No matter what kind of home roofing problems you have, Big Al's Roofing is here to help. Our experienced team handles all types of repairs and full roof replacements. Give us a call today if you need:

  • Roof Flashing Repair Do you need your roof flashing repaired? Call us today for professional service!
  • Roof Inspections Ensure that your residential roofing system is in great shape with roof inspections.
  • Roof Repair For high-quality and affordable roof repairs for your home, call Big Al’s Roofing today.
  • Roof Replacement When roof repairs won’t cut it, we recommend roof replacement service.
  • Soffit & Fascia Roof Repair Whether your fascia is damaged or your soffit, we are able to repair both of them.

Call Big Al's Roofing at 305-900-8297 for skilled residential roof repair and roof replacement in Miami, FL today!

Materials We Use

Types of Roofs

Roofer with Orange Clay Roof Tiles

Our Roofers Handle All Types of Roofs, Including Tile, Shingles, and Flat Roofing.

At Big Al's Roofing, we use a variety of roofing materials for roof replacement and repair. While all roofs require skilled installation for good performance, tile and flat roofs, in particular, need a knowledgeable roofer. We use high-quality roofing materials from recognized manufacturers and are proud to offer a wide selection so you can find the perfect roof for your home. Our contractors can skillfully install and repair:

  • 3-Tab Composition Shingles One of the most affordable options on the market is 3-tab shingles, which offer great protection.
  • Architectural Shingles Want to add more value to your home? Architectural shingles are an easy way to do it!
  • Composition Shingles To have composition shingles installed on your home, call our expert roofers today.
  • Flat Roofing Interested in flat roofing for your residential property? We can help you!
  • Impact Resistant Shingles For sturdy roofing that can withstand strong winds and hail, consider impact resistant shingles.
  • Synthetic Shingles We can install synthetic shingles that look exactly like traditional roofing materials like slate, wood, and tile.
  • Tile Roofing Our team of roofers can install, repair, or replace clay, concrete, ceramic, and Spanish tile.

No matter what type of roof you have or need, you can count on the roofers at Big’s Al’s for expert repair and replacement. Call us today at 305-900-8297 for roof replacement in Miami, FL.

Metal Roofing

Metal Roof Installation Services

Metal Roof Installation Services

We Offer a Wide Range of Metal Roof Materials.

When we think of metal roofing, we typically think of commercial properties. In the last couple of years, however, metal roofing has become a more prominent choice for homes and with good reason. Metal roofs not only provide exceptional protection for homes, but they are also aesthetically pleasing. If you are interested in a roof that is able to keep your home safe, as well as increase the value of your home, you can’t go wrong with metal roofing. Our roofers have the experience in knowledge to not only perform flawless installation service but to help you choose the right metal roof for your property.

  • Aluminum Roofing Aluminum roofing is able to provide exceptional safety for your residential home.
  • Corrugated Metal U panel or R panel, we have the corrugated roofing systems that you will love!
  • Mechanical Lock Metal Roof Interested in a mechanical lock metal roof for your home? Call us today!
  • Metal Shingle Metal shingles can take on the appearance of wood and tile, so you can get the look of both without the upkeep.
  • Residential Metal Roofing We are the roofing company to call when you want affordable and reliable residential roofing services.
  • Snap Lock Metal Roof Snap lock metal roofing is a type of standing seam metal roof that offers great protection for any type of home.
  • Standing Seam Metal Roof If you want a standing seam metal roof installed on your home, look no further than Big Al’s Roofing to help you.
  • Steel Roofing At Big Al’s Roofing, we are able to install steel roofing like galvanized and galvalume steel.
  • Stone Coated Steel Stone coated steel roofing is another type of metal roofing that can take on the appearance of traditional residential roofing systems.

Get in touch with our roofers at 305-900-8297 to schedule an appointment to install metal roof onto your home.

Roof Restoration

Roof Restoration and Roof Coating Installation

Cracked Flat Roof

Instead of Reroofing Your House, Consider Roof Restoration to Extend the Life of Your Roof

Is your flat roof beginning to show signs of age? Does your metal roof have surface rust? Get the most out of your existing roof with professional roof restoration services from Big Al's Roofing. We offer a variety of roof coatings ideal for residential flat roof restoration. These systems offer several benefits, from extending the life of your roof to improving energy efficiency. If you want to learn more about our roof restoration and roof coating installation, click the links below or contact us:

  • Acrylic One of the best roof coatings for its durability and low cost, acrylic is a popular choice and is available in highly reflective white.
  • Polyurea Typically spray-applied, polyurea coatings are perhaps the most versatile and durable as they can be formulated to fit your needs.
  • Silicone Excellent at resisting the effects of ponding water and energy efficiency, silicone is among the best roof coatings available.

Restore your roof without the hassle of re-roofing today! Call 305-900-8297 for roof restoration in Miami, FL from Big Al's Roofing.

Storm Damage

Storm Damage Roof Repair Service

Storm Damage Roof Repair Service

For Storm Damage Roof Repair, Call Our Experts Today!

In the state of Florida, we are known for our big storms, which include hurricanes. In situations of strong winds and hail, we not only want a home that is able to shield us from danger, but also a roof that is able to withstand the powerful gusts of wind and impact of hail. Unfortunately, even with a very sturdy roof, your roofing system can still be susceptible to storm damage. Having a roofer who has the skills, knowledge, and experience to handle your roof storm damage is critical in order to prevent leak and structural damage to your home. At Big Al's Roofing we are able to provide storm damage roof repair services to homeowners in the Miami, FL area. Below are some of the services we offer.

  • Emergency Roof Repair If you are in an emergency situation and need roof repairs fast, call us for emergency roof repair!
  • Hail Damage Repair When your roofing has been damaged by hail, please call us in order to repair the hail damage to your roof.
  • Insurance Claims Not only can we help with roof repair service, we can also walk you through the entire roof insurance claims process.
  • Roof Leaks Repaired Are you experiencing leaking in your home? Contact our roofers for roof leaks repair service.
  • Wind Damage Roof Repair Don’t wait! Call us when your home has been severely damaged by wind, so we can provide professional wind damage roof repair service.

To make an appointment with our roofers to repair your storm damaged roof, please contact us at 305-900-8297!